Pregnancy And Urination

 Many women experience a condition called pregnancy and urination. This occurs during the first two trimesters of pregnancy, though it is not a common occurrence. The first trimester lasts from fourteen to twenty-one days while the second trimester lasts between twenty-two to thirty-six days. This is also the period when most women experience frequent urination.

The most obvious symptom of pregnancy and urination is the frequency of the flow of urine. If you are experiencing frequent bathroom trips during your pregnancy, this means that the baby is inside your womb. To check for this, doctors would often ask you to empty the bladder on several occasions. If you still have the feeling that you have to go, you may need to wait for a few more weeks.

Some women may also notice that they have to go to the bathroom quite frequently even without urinating. If you are going through this phase, you need to be careful. Pregnancy and urination usually occur together, but there are instances when one happens before the other. This can be a sign of a serious condition and should not be ignored. Therefore, in order to prevent an ectopic pregnancy, excessive fluid intake, or another serious condition, you need to observe regular bathroom visits.

There are also cases when a woman will not need to go to the toilet at all during her pregnancy. This happens during the third trimester or even during the early stage of pregnancy. If you are not experiencing frequent urination and do not feel the urge to go, this could be due to the fact that your reproductive organs are developing very slowly. These early developments make it difficult for your body to hold in your urine until your next menstrual cycle. It will only hold in the urine for a matter of hours.

Some women who experience frequent urination may find it difficult to push out urine when they lie down on the toilet. In this case, you can use a stool softener to aid in pushing urine out. You can also try to keep your urine inside the bladder until your next menstrual cycle starts. Your third trimester is not the time to take risks by urinating in a public bathroom.

Urinary tract infections are a common problem for pregnant women. These infections usually occur in the third trimester or even in the first few weeks of pregnancy. They can lead to complications such as dehydration and bladder infections. The best way to prevent these from occurring is to stay away from antibiotics. You can use over-the-counter medications to deal with the symptoms of UTI but they cannot help you if you are pregnant.


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