Fruits Good For The Body

Fruits are a part of our everyday diet and yet many people do not know how to assess the freshness and nutritional value of fruits. The best way to choose the right fruits for you is to establish a reference group of fruits according to your own preferences and then use this as your own judgmental system when you go to buy the fruits. If you are going to work in a laboratory or another scientific environment, then the reference group of fruits will be a big help in assuring that you get the right kind of fruits to satisfy your needs.

The reference group of fruits can be broken down into two major categories: the fruits that are eaten every day and the fruits that are consumed only once in a month. The daily eat everyday fruits are such as apples, bananas, grapes, peaches, pears, and any other kind of fruits that you can eat every day without any preparation. The fruits that are consumed only once a month include mangoes, bananas, grapes, plums, and any other kind of seasonal fruits. Now that you have established the reference group of fruits, you can identify the different kinds of fruits good for the body.

You can select a few fruits from each category and then go on to judge them on the basis of your own preferences. If you are a juice drinker, for example, then you can add fresh guava leaves to your juice. Similarly, fresh pineapple juice or any other kind of fruit juice will taste better with some subtle spice. If you are a person who does not like the strong taste of fruits, then you should go for mixed fruits, especially those that are in the form of powder. If you are a person who loves all kinds of milk and cereals, then fruits with cereals will do you good.

The second criterion is to judge the fruits on the basis of the spices and colors that they add to the food group. A good example of this is to see if the food group is enhanced by adding salt or lemon or mint. In fact, all these additions make the food better and this is what we call taste and aroma.

The third criterion is to judge the fruits on the basis of the nutrients that they contain. If you want to remain healthy, then you need to consume more vegetables and less protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Usually, fruits contain most of the nutrients that we need, but our diets are usually very low in vegetables and protein and high in carbohydrates. So, if you are consuming fruit products, then you should make sure that you are consuming at least some vegetables. Fruits are an excellent source of antioxidants and hence this factor should also be considered when choosing the varieties that you will eat.

The fourth criterion is to consider the number of fruits that you are consuming. If you are consuming a significant quantity of fruits per day, then there is no use in complaining about local fruit products. On the contrary, if you are consuming less than a glass of fruits per day, then you will probably be suffering from ethnocentrism. The fifth and final criterion is to conclude whether fruits are appropriate to your diet by considering the various health benefits that you can get from fruits.


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